Cambridge Young Techies

Are you ready to explore the world of technology and coding?
Join CAMBRIDGE YOUNG TECHIES, a Children’s Computer and Robotics club where you’ll learn the basics of Python and have fun experimenting and creating.
Open to all young ones interested in the fascinating world of Science and Technology

  • Promoting STEM to the young people in and around Cambourne.
  • We have regular technology days.
  • Hands-on sessions, demonstrations and brief lectures by local experts in their field.
  • Cambridge Young Techies (CYT) is also on Facebook.
  • We meet in Blue School on Thursday evenings at 6 pm during term time, please check calendar.

Our Science & Technology Club (CCST) is now called “Cambridge Young Techies

About CYT

CYT is Cambourne Crescent‘s Technology offering to teach children elementary electronics and computing concepts.

CYT is a service open for all kids and teenagers in Cambourne aged 9+, open to all abilities and backgrounds. We teach children how to work together and cooperate to achieve a common goal. They learn that by collaborating and applying their intelligence and strength they can accomplish goals they couldn’t reach working in isolation. They learn how to share knowledge freely, learn from one another and share tasks.

This is a great opportunity for children to learn the fundamentals of electronics and computer programming from local industry professionals. They learn how to program the BBC micro:bit and the Raspberry Pi and make interesting projects with them including electronic components, Internet of Things (IOT) and Robotics. They learn Scratch like visual programming, Python and web development. To make their learning even more interesting, we shall also introduce them to 3D designing and 3D printing.


Tech Club is run by volunteers who work with different technology companies in Science Park bringing with them experience and knowledge. Volunteers and parents form a team to mentor groups of children with the aim to prepare young children for teamwork and develop STEM skills.

FIRST ® LEGO® League

In the previous years the children were preparing to participate in the FIRST ® LEGO® League, a global science and technology challenge. The challenge invites kids from all around to undertake LEGO building and programming projects to demonstrate their ingenuity. Competitions are held regionally, and top teams can then compete at international level. The challenge is designed to encourage young people to take an interest in real-world issues and develop problem-solving skills.

There are three parts to it:

  1. the Robot Game,
  2. the Project, and
  3. the Core Values.

The project is based around Robotics and LEGO. It is a structured program with mentor-lead activities. Teams are to operate under and asked to demonstrate the FIRST signature set of Core Values: celebrating.

The 2019-2020 challenge theme was…BOOMTOWN BUILD. With the help of donations, the LEGO set (BOOMTOWN BUILD) and several WeDo 2.0 sets were purchased for the challenges and kids had fun building.

If you would like more information please get in touch.