Crescent School

The school was set up in year 2011 to meet the growing religious, social, cultural, recreational needs of the local community.

From the start of session in September 2023, we have made the decision to move all our school’s operations to Sundays, and run it as a single school.

School will run during term time on Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm at Cambourne Village College (map).

Please see the school calendar.

The child must be in year 1 to start attending Cambourne Crescent School, new batches start from September every year. The classes are open to everyone in the community. The enrolment form is available here – Student Application Form

We have thoughtfully curated a mix of compulsory and optional lessons, aiming to cater to the diverse interests and preferences of our students.

Compulsory Lessons:

  • Quran Classes: These sessions will cover learning the Arabic alphabet and progress to reading the Quran with proper Tajweed and pronunciation.
  • Islamic Studies: Building on the Safar books, these classes will provide valuable insights into Islamic teachings.
  • Arabic Language Class: Similar to the existing curriculum, this class will continue to teach the Arabic language.

Optional Lessons:

  • Seerah Class: Tailored for older children, this class will delve deeper into the study of the Seerah.
  • Hifz Class: Focused on memorization, this class will start with shorter Surahs and gradually move on to longer ones.
  • Adults Arabic Class: We are pleased to offer Arabic language classes for interested adults.

Please note that the availability of the optional lessons will depend on demand and the availability of qualified teaching staff.

School fees are to be paid by standing order. Further details are provided on admission.

If any parents are unable to meet the fees, help and support is available filling in our contact form