Cambourne Crescent provide a variety of services for the local Cambourne community. Services provided include:
  • Outreach visits
  • Communal prayer arrangements
  • Islamic School (every Monday and Wednesday evening)
  • Arabic Language School (every Sunday morning)
  • Science and Technology Club
  • Foodbank
  • Quran Classes (for adults)
  • Iftaar/Eid events
  • Open Days (for the wider community)
  • Treat Your Neighbour event (distribute food parcels to your neighbours)
  • Cambourne Charity BBQ, fete and Cambourne Volunteers Fair
  • Ladies tea/coffee evening and other social and spiritual functions
  • Cambourne Mosque Project

Cambourne Crescent are also humbly proud to manage Cambourne's Volunteer Task Force (VTF).

Services we provide

Outreach Visits

We receive regular requests from schools and voluntary organisations to provide information about Islam. To this end we provide outreach visits to these organisations explaining the beauty of Islam.

Communal Prayers

Daily prayers are an integral part of a Muslims daily life and its one of the five pillars of Islam. We currently hold daily congregational prayers, Friday and Eid prayers, and the special night prayer during the month of Ramadan.


Every month we collect and contribute provisions for the Foodbank service managed by Cambourne Church.

Cambourne’s Volunteer Task Force (VTF)

A team of volunteers to support those residents in our local community of Cambourne and surrounding villages who need extra help during the COVID-19 crisis.

Arabic School

This is primarily a language school established to meet the demand from the local community. Students are taught how to read, write and speak modern standard Arabic.

Cambourne Mosque Project

Building a beautiful mosque the community of Cambourne can be proud of.

Science and Technology Club

Cambourne Crescent Science and Technology Club (CCST) is a free service which teaches children elementary electronics and computing concepts.

Crescent School

The school was set up to meet the growing religious, social, cultural and recreational needs of the local community.

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