If you’re fearing the prospect of a vegetarian diet or have been painfully unaware of Cambridge’s halal offering you’ve come to right the place! Whilst we can’t say that we have the Halal food ranges of London or Birmingham, we are in no shortage of Halal food here either!

Below is a list of some of our favourite restaurants, take aways, dessert places and supermarkets in Cambridge. Click on any of the pictures or name titles below to be taken to the Google Maps page to make directions easier!

Our Favourites

Zi’s Peri Peri

A pillar of the Cambridge cuisine, Zi’s has seen generations come and go, but its low cost, high quality food keeps us all coming back!

Pepe’s Piri Piri

Another pillar of the Cambridge cuisine, Pepe’s has everything you need. Join us weekly for our post Jumu’ah Pepe’s takeover!


Freshly opened, head over to Market Square to taste some of Popeyes’ famous fried chicken.


Newly opened Halal KFC in St. Andrews Street, in front of Christ’s College. Make sure to download the app to get good deals.

Carlos BBQ

Low-key stop on Mill Rd offering classic Turkish plates, burgers and kebabs.

Taco Bell

Burritos, nachos, or tacos, head into the centre of town for a taste of Mexican-inspired cuisine.

Other Halal Places in Cambridge


Buzzing, informal Turkish restaurant serving classic Mediterranean dishes in a busy dining room.


Traditional North African cuisine, with delicious tagines and couscous dishes. On the higher end of price.

Hungry Grill

Serving classic burgers, wings and steak


A taste of West Africa, serving a budget friendly choice of traditional curries and rice!

Kan Zaman

Authentic Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine, dishes are prepared with traditional techniques


Specialised in chicken rotisserie and lamb merguez wraps. Found in Market Square.


Your local (halal) Subway on Mill Rd located right next to the Central Mosque!

Al Casbah

Open kitchen restaurant serving traditional Algerian dishes. On the higher end of price.

The Ladz

Juicy grilled chicken and burgers to fit the student budget, located on Mill Rd.

Chicken Cottage

Chicken cottage is your go to spot for your nostalgic 6 wings and chips meal!


Classical Mediterranean cuisine, on the slightly higher end of price

City Kebab

One of our go to late night spots if you’re craving a kebab within your budget.

Chicken Rush

Standard fried chicken shop, ideal for those near Homerton

Little Petra

Low-key counter-service eatery offering hearty portions of traditional Jordanian food & drinks.


Located right in the heart of town, tortilla is a great spot to grab a quick lunch! Note: only the chicken is halal.

Ji’s Chicken

Tasty Korean fried chicken in Cambridge with very reasonable prices! Please note the dumplings served at Ji’s are not halal.

The King of Wraps

Serves falafel, halloumi and chicken harissa wraps with excellent sauce. Found in Market Square.


Turkish fast food and pizzas, located just outside the centre near Graftons


Traditional Syrian food, catering also for vegetarians and vegans. Near Homerton!

Sweet Treats

Jack’s Gelato

Find yourself in town and wanting a quick sweet treat? Then Jack’s is your best shot. Whether you herald from the baron lands of the North or the seaside towns of the South, everyone agrees that Jack’s serve the best gelato. Please note that some of Jack’s products contain Alcohol, we recommend asking beforehand.


Treat yourself to a pre-punt lunch or dessert at Crêpeaffaire Cambridge, located on Bridge Street next to the punting station. Students can get 15% off crêpes with the Crêpeaffaire app and a valid student card! Note: For non-dessert options, only the chicken is Halal.

Creams Cafe

We’re sure that you’ve heard of Creams or even have one near you. Well, Cambridge is no different. From waffles to Shakes to Sundaes, Creams has got it all.

Heavenly Desserts

Have a bit more of a refined palette for desserts? Looking for something a bit boujeer than Creams? Then Heavenly Desserts is your answer. With its vast array of luxurious desserts and its central location, it is certainly a favourite.

Supermarkets in Cambridge

There are a range of supermarkets in Cambridge for students to shop at. Many of these places are packed with a good selection of halal and cultural foods. Below is a list of some popular places to do a weekly shop.

  • Sainsbury’s (Mainsbury’s):  

    • Typical Sainsbury’s located right in the centre of town. Although easily accessible it should be noted that it is slightly on the higher end of price but nonetheless does have a very good Halal meat section.

  • Asda

    • Quite far out from the city centre but a large store with another decent selection of halal meat.

  • Spice Gate, Brothers Supermarket, and Al-Amin

    • If there’s one place in Cambridge where there is no shortage of Halal, cultural food places and shops then its Mill Road. There are a wide range of supermarkets on Mill Road for you to purchase halal meat and any other foods that you might be craving!

  • Iqbro Halal Grocers + Aldi & Iceland

    • Definitely a good shout for Halal meat and cultural foods. With its location not too far away from the city centre and directly opposite an Aldi and Iceland, Iqbro Halal Grocers is a go-to spot for those looking for a taste of home and a weekly shop at Aldi’s.

  • Midan World Foods

    • A halal butchery and grocer in Cambridge. Not to far out from the city centre but a decent shout if you’re at a Hill college.