Cambourne Mosque Project

“Whoever builds a mosque for Allah – Allah will build for him a house in paradise.”
The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

The mosque plays a vital role in bringing the community together and uplifting their spirits. The mosque is a focal point for the Muslim community. It is a place of social interaction, education and religious practice and has an instrumental role in bringing attention to the well-being and welfare of its members. After home and work, the Mosque is the most frequented place for a Muslim, which allows to fully practice the religious belief.

Our Project

As some of you are aware, we are planning by the will of Allah SWT to make progress towards establishing a permanent base for our community.

We are embarking on a new mosque/community centre project and for our vision to be realized we need your duas, help and support.

At this stage we are specifically asking for:

  1. Your duas and moral support
  2. Donations

This is your opportunity to build your house in Jannah, so please donate generously.

 The amount of money we have is not sufficient to get a place for us!

Bank Details

You can donate for the Mosque project by setting up a standing order or one-off payment.

Please note that ‘Cambourne Mosque Project‘ bank account number is different from the Cambourne Crescent’s general bank account, and is used exclusively for collecting donations towards the plans for a mosque.

Bank details (exclusively for Cambourne Mosque Project) are –

  • Name: Cambourne Crescent
  • Address: Natwest, 81 High Street, Bedford, MK40 1YN
  • Account No: 71368086
  • Sort Code: 60-02-13
  • Reference: Mosque
  • IBAN: GB24NWBK60021371368086


Cambourne Mosque Project’s bank balance since account opening in July 2020 are detailed below.

Date Bank account balance
05/05/2022 £63,040
01/05/2022 £61,607 (includes £25K from CC General account)
30/04/2022 £36,587
31/03/2022 £25,888
02/03/2022 £25,456 (returned £6K, Qard al-Hasan)
28/02/2022 £31,381
31/01/2022 £30,726
31/12/2021 £30,395
30/11/2021 £29,572
31/10/2021 £29,000
30/09/2021 £28,560 (includes LaunchGood donation)
31/08/2021 £26,841
30/07/2021 £23,421
30/06/2021 £22,516 (includes £6K, Qard al-Hasan)
31/05/2021 £15,291
30/04/2021 £3,452
30/03/2021 £2,847
28/02/2021 £2,305
31/01/2021 £2,080
31/12/2020 £1,895
30/11/2020 £1,765
31/10/2020 £1,440
30/09/2020 £250

We strive to maintain transparency in all our matters including finances, for the general account details, please see Accounts.

Donations Pledge

Please note that few of the Donors who made Donations Pledge have already donated (included in Donations Table above).

Date Pledge Amount
30/06/2021 £30,200
31/05/2021 £26,700
10/05/2021 £16,200

Qard al-Hasan Pledge

Date Pledge Amount
30/06/2021 £27,000
31/05/2021 £17,000
10/05/2021 £9,000


Date Pledge Amount
30/07/2021 £514
30/06/2021 £485
31/05/2021 £469
16/05/2021 £309