Cambourne Eid & End of the School Year Celebration

Bouncy Castle / Food and a lot more, all welcome.

  • Saturday 6th July 2024
  • Venue: Cambourne HUB, CB23 6GW
  • Time: 11:00 – 17:00

List of stalls confirmed at the venue:

Food and Beverages
– Meat pie and chicken pie
– BBQ chicken with Naan
– Chicken biryani with raita and lemon pepper chicken with Naan
– Beef and Chicken Burgers
The Grill Plug : Burgers, Fries & Soft Drinks
– Snacks and Sweets

Pastries / desserts
– Lemonade, popcorn, and cupcakes
– Basbosa, Arakesh with dates
– Desserts: Cinnamon rolls, tres leches cake, and chicken 65
– Biscoff and Oreo cupcakes
– Ice cream
– Drinks
– Chai and matcha tea

Clothes, Craft and Art
– Modest clothing, abayas, and thobes
– Henna and Face Paint
– Jewellery and Gifts
– Beaded jewellery
– Hand made gifts
– Islamic frames
– Drawing and paintings (portraits)
Cambridge Muslim Trust

Toys and Gadgets
– Toys & gadgets

Bazachi Groceries