EID AL FITR 1444 / 2023

Alhamdulillah, All the mosques in Cambridge have agreed to perform Eid Al-Fitr on Friday 21st April. We will be performing Eid salat in the HUB.

Date: Friday 21st April
Location: HUB
First Jam’ah : Arrival: 6:30 am Prayer Begins: 7 am
Second Jam’ah : Arrival: 7:45 am Prayer Begins: 8:15 am

Please plan to Arrive early as the salat starts promptly and the khutbah comes after the salat (not like Jum’a)

– Perform ablution (wudu) at home
– Walk, cycle or car share
– If the car park is full, then park in Morrisons
– Avoid using street parking around the HUB

✅ Since there is LIMITED space in HUB, we request you to attend first Jam’ah if you can, so that there is equal distribution
🚺 Sisters are welcome to use the Meeting Room

We look forward to seeing you and your loved ones early on the day Insha’Allah!