Iftar – 1444 / 2023

We are having an Iftar this Ramadan in aid of Cambourne Mosque Project

Please remember to fill the form, to help us plan:

Saturday 8th May @CVC from 19.00 – 23.00

local family has contributed towards the cost of Iftar, please make a special dua for them during this special month. May Allah keep this and indeed every other family safe and protected from all evil and harm. May Allah remove all pains, worries and sorrows and fill their life with happiness. May Allah fulfil their dreams, aspirations and May Allah respond to their duas.

Please note,

  • Anyone who can volunteer with arrangements is requested to come at 6 pm
  • Please bring one Iftaar plate which is ready to be served and could include
    • Fruits & Dates, OR
    • Finger Food (savoury or sweet)
  • Dinner will be served


  • 6:00 Venue open for Volunteers
  • 7:00 Guests arrival
  • 7.30 Housekeeping announcements
  • 7.35 Quran recitation
  • 7.40 Duah by Imam
  • 7.48 Iftar/Adhan followed by Food
  • 8.20 Maghreb
  • 8.35 Function officially starts
  • 8.40 Connect to youth and get them involved
  • 8.45 Speech: Imam Ali Omar
  • 8.50 Guest Speaker: Yousaf Chambers
  • 9.50 Isha Salah followed by Taraeeh
  • 10.50 Salah finished and clear up

We look forward to your presence. Wishing you a happy and blessed Ramadan.