Nahla wa Nahil – e-Learning Platform

Today on UN Arabic Language Day we are pleased to inform you that Cambourne Crescent Arabic Language School has subscribed to “Nahla wa Nahil”, a program to improve the Arabic reading skills of our students. Nahla wa Nahil has more than 800 stories available to our children across different reading levels.

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It offers a variety of solutions to develop reading, comprehension and listening skills in Arabic. It also enables teachers to monitor the progress of students, including their assignments and tests, through a supervisory account.

Nahla wa Nahil can be accessed on any computer, tablet or mobile through their website or by downloading the Nahla wa Nahil application from the Apple store or Google Play.

We appreciate parents cooperation with the school in encouraging children to use the application to improve their Arabic reading skills.

Arabic Language School

Started in September 2017, Cambourne Crescent Arabic Language School has over 80 students.

Arabic Language School runs on Sunday mornings at Cambourne Village College (map). With 9 different classes, the studetns start in Year 1 and progress to pre-GCSE level. The school also has a class for adults who are interested in learning the language.



This is primarily a language school established to meet the demand from the local community. Students are taught how to read, write and speak modern standard Arabic. The school aims to teach purely classic Arabic Fusha to the students for different levels.

The language classes are open to everyone in the community.