Seerah Competition & Bring a Dish

Please join us for the Seerah Competition & family get-together coming Saturday.

🌞 Saturday 8th Oct
🕠 Time: 5:30-10 pm (food will be served at 6:30 pm)
📍 Cambourne HUB – map

Seerah Competition

The Seerah competition will be a Kahoot quiz between families.

  • Every family can sit together and use one connected device to connect to the Kahoot quiz.
  • The quiz will cover the Makkan period of prophetic life and the Hijrah.
  • The quiz will be open book and other members of your family will be allowed to search online for the answers.

Please register your family here for Seerah competition:

Bring a Dish

  • Please bring a main dish & a dessert to share
  • Please bring food that is ready to be served along with any serving spoons that may be required
  • To ensure everyone’s considerations are looked after, please ensure that the food is certified as Halal.