Sheikh Ali Omar

Sheikh Ali Omar has accepted the role of Imam and will lead the Friday Prayers from January 2021 onwards. He will also be taking the Islamic School classes for senior students (age 11+).
Sheikh Ali Omar has twenty years of experience as a minister of religion and Islamic teacher. He has provided his valuable services as an Imam and Teacher in several cities/mosques in England, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Egypt. He has also served as Chaplain and Minister of Religion at different Trusts in England.
Sheikh Ali Omar has a degree in Islamic Studies and Arabic Language from University of Cairo, and has an Ijzah in six narrations of qiraat including Hafs and Qaloon, and a Diploma in Qiraat from Al Azhar University – Cairo. He also has a qualification as a teacher of Islamic Studies from UAE. He further studied at Newman University in Birmingham.