Guidance for the safe use of places of Worship

Please follow the following instructions for safe use of place of worship:

  • Arrive on time
  • Sanities hands, on arrival & departure
  • Social distance 2 meters, preferably 3 meters (if possible)
  • Bring own prayer mat
  • Wear a mask
  • Pray at home if you or anyone at home is unwell or have symptoms
  • Pray at home if you are vulnerable
  • No wudhu or toilet at the venue
  • Please kindly follow instructions from volunteers at all times.
  • Between the two Adhans you may pray any Sunnah prayers, but not afterwards.
  • To exit safely and to maintain social distancing, after the prayer you must remain seated until it is your turn to leave.
  • Worshippers will exit one row at a time, under the direction of volunteers.
  • The NHS QR code posters are visible at all the venues, please use the app to scan in.
  • For Jum’ah, please book on Eventbrite and present the email confirmation, electronic or printed, if requested

The UK Government‘s guidance –