Cambourne VTF – Call for Volunteers

Cambourne’s Volunteer Task Force

Uniting Volunteers in response of Covid-19

If you are concerned about going out, we have a small number of volunteers who can visit our most vulnerable patients/collect shopping etc in Cambourne and neighbouring villages.

  • There is NO need to PANIC, this is a precautionary measure.
  • We are a team of Volunteers to help the community as the threat of #COVID19 increases.
  • Before any volunteering takes place, our primary goal is to unite individuals into one large task force.
  • One large task force can be:
    1. Easily communicated with
    2. Approached more effectively by official bodies
    3. Better directed
    4. United in shared ideas and values.

So spread the word! You can make a difference now.

What you do matters, so do it now! Every minute and every individual count.

If you need HELP please drop an email with your name and phone number to:

#coronavirus #COVID19 #volunteer #COVID2019uk
#Cambourne #CambourneCrescent

Corona Virus advice to the Public

Stay aware of the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak. Most people who become infected experience mild illness and recover, but it can be more severe for others.

Misinformation about pandemics can cause somebody’s life. Stay informed and do not fall prey to fake news. Take care of your health and protect others.

Coronavirus advise from reliable sources –

World Health Organization (WHO):

Corona Virus advice to the Patients

For patients concerned that they may have coronavirus or may have come into contact with someone who has, the NHS 111 online service has created coronavirus pages that tell patients what they should do based on their particular circumstances. These can be accessed at –

If you have any concerns, for local advice you may check following links –

Cambridge University Hospitals Trust –

Monkfeild Practice –

Thank you & STAY SAFE