Cloth donations for Syrian refugees in Greece

We are working on getting some clothes to Greece for Syrian refugees.

There are few items which are lacking in the container as 90% of donations are women and children, so below is a specific donation request in order of priority. 

  1. Men’s Coats (S, M, L, XL)
  2. Men’s Trainers and walking shoes/boots size 6-10
  3. Men’s Boxers- Small, medium, large
  4. Men’s Socks
  5. Men’s hoodies – small, medium, large
  6. Men’s Jumpers – small, medium, large
  7. Men’s Tracksuit trousers – small, medium, large
  8. Men’s Tshirts – small, medium, large
  9. Men’s jeans/trousers – small, medium, large


Must be new or in very good condition. No rips, stains or broken zips. Nothing heavily worn. Underwear and socks must be new.


Must be new or in very good condition and lightly worn. No holes and no excessive stains. Footwear must be in pairs and attached together.

Note: If anyone is buying rather than giving used items please focus on small and medium as most people in the camp are those sizes.

Dropoff Location 

▪ Friday 22nd November, 8:00 pm  NCP (Isha)
▪ Sunday 24th November, 11:45 pm  CVC (Arabic Language School)
▪ Sunday 24th November, 8:00 pm  NCP (Isha)
▪ Monday 25th November, 7:30 pm  CVC (Islamic School)

We would like to get a few pallets out there before the 18th Dec for the mass aid distribution. Around the first week of December In’sh Allah a van / lorry will transport all the stuff from Birmingham/Cambourne/Ipswich to London from where the collections will be shipped to Greece.

The local collections are organised by brother Hicham (St Neots) with help from the Ipswich organisers – brother Shabeer and Dr Samir Rihani.