Islamic School – Welcome Newsletter (2018-19)

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new and returning students of Islamic School. We hope the children have rested and enjoyed their summer holidays and are happy to be back. All the teachers are looking forward to a wonderful and successful school year full of learning In’shaAllah.

We would like to wish farewell to Brother Ehab, he has dedicated several years to the school and we thank him for all his hard work and dedication. The children enjoyed his class and benefitted immensely from his knowledge. He will still be mentoring the school.

We would like to welcome Sister Shireen who will be joining for both school days and Sister Aamina who will be helping as a teacher assistant. Sister Hinar will also increase her one-day commitment to two days.

This year the classes will remain the same with the same teachers, this will allow continuity from last year’s development. The curriculum and content will intensify and learning will be more in-depth In’shaAllah.

The focus will be more on Quran Recitation and fluency, most of the classes will be structured both days (Monday & Wednesday) as the following:

5.55 pm – Children arrive on time
6.00pm – Quran Recitation
7.00pm – Break
7.10pm – Islamic Studies
7.30pm – On time collection of Children

This winter term will run from Monday 10th September 2018 – Wednesday 19th December 2018. There will no school on Wednesday 3rd October (CVC Open Evening) and half-term holidays. Please check the calendar.

To aid with Islamic studies we will request parents to purchase Islamic studies books from the school. They will be available from the end of September, you can obtain details from the teachers. This will allow parents to have an insight into school learning. All other books are still to be provided by Cambourne Crescent.

We would like each child to maximize their learning and hugely benefit from the Islamic school, but for this, we would need the co-operation of parents and work in partnership with them. We request you kindly adhere to the following points:

Timekeeping: Please ensure the children are dropped at school at 5.55pm sharp. This is essential to settle the children and not have further disturbance once the class has commenced. Missing 10/15 minutes of the class does add up over the course of the year.

• Please pick your children at 7.30pm sharp – it is unfair for the teachers to wait for parents to come and give more of their personal time. Kindly respect their time.

Absence: If your child will not be attending school could you kindly inform Sister Maria before the school starts.

Completing Homework: Please check your child’s homework and take the time to encourage them to complete their homework. Please do appreciate your child will only improve learning if they practice at home – we cannot emphasise enough the importance of you sitting and listening to your child’s recitation.

Behaviour and Motivation: We have an amazing set of children in our school and are very proud of their conduct. We like our children to be kind towards one another, listen and respect the teachers and willing to give their best in class.

• This year in all classes we will be introducing points card to the children to motivate and encourage them to complete homework and exemplify outstanding learning in class. They will be rewarded points based on the complexity of the task by the teacher and after a couple of weeks will have the option to exchange the points into gifts.

Point of Contact: Teachers will be your first point of contact for any concerns, but feel free to contact the Cambourne Crescent Committee members if you need to.

Payments: We would be very grateful if you check your standing order is set-up each month for 10 months (September- June).
Please do contact us if any support is needed.

o The payment structure is:
One child- £20; Two children- £30; Three children £35
o The bank details are:

Name: Cambourne Crescent
Address: Natwest, 81 High Street, Bedford, MK40 1YN
Account No: 62412930
Sort Code: 60-02-13
Reference: CCIS + Child’s full name (eg CCIS Mohammed)

Student Records: Please complete the slip or text the details to Sara. We would like to ensure that the children records are up to date yearly and we have the correct details to contact you in the case of emergencies.

Thank you for all your cooperation and if you have any concern please feel free to contact us. Looking forward to an
amazing year with a lot of Baraqah in learning.

• Islamic school Timings: Monday and Wednesday 5.55pm -7.30pm at Cambourne Village College.
• Winter Term: Monday 10th September – Wednesday 19th October 2018 (No school on 22nd and 24th October
• Inform Absence: Sister Maria
• Cambourne Crescent Contact: Sister Sara & Sister Lobna
• Please double check standing order for school year – September 2018 to June 2019

Newsletter: CC-Islamic-School-Newsletter-Sept-2018

Jazak Allah
Islamic School Teachers and Cambourne Crescent Team