Arabic & Islamic School – Year-end update

It’s been a wonderful year for the students and teachers, we have been excited all the year round with the progress our students have made, and are proud and thankful of our teachers for constantly introducing new learning methodologies …the competitions, quizzes and book reviews from the library.

As the school holidays are going to start this month, our Arabic and Islamic Schools will be closed for about a month and a half. In’shaAllah schools will re-open as usual in September.

The dates for the schools are as below –

SCHOOLS Last day of current term Start day of next term Forms for new students
Arabic Language School Sunday 15th July’18 Sunday 16th September’18
Islamic School Wednesday 18th July’18 Monday 10th September’18

School dates are updated on the monthly calendar.

Islamic School students in Class 4 will In’sha Allah move on to Class 5 from next term.

If you are interested in joining the Arabic Language Classes (for adults), please fill the form.

Hope you all have a lovely and fun holiday ?