Technology Days

To help promote science and technology to the young people in and around Cambourne, very soon we will be arranging regular technology days. These will be hands-on sessions, demonstrations and brief lectures by local experts in their field. Further details regarding venue and dates will follow soon, but in the meantime, a few examples of the different types of activities and experiences on offer can be found below.

Active Noise Cancellation for greater acoustic experience

ANC is a very impressive technology, it’s an electronic circuitry that generates "anti-
noise “which makes destructive interference with acoustic noise. It reduces unwanted
background noise that arrives at user’s ear-drum by capturing background noise
through microphones and actively projecting anti-noise (the reversed form of background
noise) through speaker or receiver. It relies on a combination of tiny outward-facing
microphones which are built into the headphones and uses clever digital signal

This anti-noise and the real noise add up in the air and cancel each other. Conventional
noise cancellation usually denotes a technology to reduce noise in electronic or digital
signals, but ANC is a different concept which reduces noises in the air directly. As a
result of ANC, the user can experience a noise-free environment. With ANC enabled
device, the user can hear only desired signals (music or voice) from the device even in
a very noisy environment (restaurant, roadside or aeroplane for example).

Are there any other advantages of ANC?

ANC doesn’t just help you enjoy your music, it can protect your hearing. Without noise-
cancelling technology, the only way to drown out ambient noise is to crank up the
volume. Done on a regular basis, this can lead to permanent hearing damage. ANC lets
you listen to lower volumes, so is far gentler on your eardrums.

ANC is also useful if you have hypersensitivity, hyperacusis or a similar health
condition, as the technology can help reduce the strain on your ears.

Maxthon Cloud

Maxthon is a freeware web browser. It is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and as
Maxthon Mobile for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8.

Lots of people love Google Chrome. It’s fast, light, and simple. But if you’re a more
advanced user and want to take your browsing experience to the max, then you need to
try Maxthon.

Here’s why you’ll love Maxthon:

  • Super-Fast.
  • Split screen option: divides open tabs into left and right of screen when this
    option is chosen; Sides operate independently.
  • Tabbed document interface.
  • Can save downloads, opened tabs, and history to the Cloud and access from
    other devices.
  • Undo for tabs closed accidentally.
  • AD Hunter: an ad blocking utility to stop pop-up ads, Web banners, and floating
    ads in web pages, and much more.